UAE Summer Camps and Activities That Will Have the Kids Completely Hooked

Summer is in the air and with the end of the school year just around the corner, parents in the UAE are dreading that one thing: How are we going to keep the kids busy for the next 3 months?

Fear not! If your kids are spending their summer holidays here in the UAE, then we’ve scoured through what’s happening around town and compiled a list of some amazing activities, camps and classes for the kids. Some fun, some educational, and some a little of both – but all guaranteed to keep them busy and happy.


For the adventure-seekers

Students usually can’t wait for school to be out and for the summer holidays to roll in. But a week of sleeping in and watching TV, and they often end up whining with boredom.

For the tots and teens that have had their run at summer camps, want something different and are always looking for their next adventure, take a look at these options:

  • DuDive, Dubai’s first springboard and high-board diving club. With Pay N Play sessions and a list of holiday camps to pick from, if you’re looking for a cool splash to keep the kids busy during the 40-something degree summer days, then DuDive is probably a good option to consider. Check them out on https://www.dudive.com
  • Dubai Sports World is a full-fledged indoor sports facility set up at Dubai World Trade Centre. Running from May 17th to September 8th, 8am to 1am, 7 days a week, DSW offers everything the kids could possibly want from football to gymnastics to street basketball and even a Battle Park. Rates vary from sport to sport, but from what we’ve seen, you’re looking at quite a bargain. More information on http://dubaisportsworld.ae/pages/dswhome
  • Bounce ME, the popular indoor trampoline parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a surefire fun activity. They even have an unlimited access Ramadan Pass that’s worth checking out if you’re looking for affordable multiple-visit options.
  • How about a surfboard backflip if your teens are looking for a new trick up their sleeve? Wadi Adventure in Al Ain has a great range of private and group lessons from surfing to kayaking to rafting and more. They also have an annual membership pass that makes visiting the park feasible in the long run, if the kids take a liking over the summer. Take a look at the range of activities on their website, https://www.wadiadventure.ae/activities/


For the ever-learners

Studies show that the lack of intellectual stimulation over the long summer months actually sets a child back a few steps before the start of the new academic year. If you want to keep the kids intellectually stimulated, engaged and ensure they’re still having a good time, how about some science, or maybe a theatre workshop?

  • Little World Discovery Center is a fantastic place for play-based learning experiences. With loads of fun ‘zones’, the kids are constantly engaged, interested and come out little scientists on their discovery voyages! Kids under the age of three need a carer present, but if your kids are aged 4 and above, it’s a guaranteed worry-free few hours spent shopping or catching up with other mama’s over coffee for you! Little World has centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. More information on  http://littleworlduae.com
  • Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre runs some great all-year round drama and performance classes (group sessions and private classes) for kids and teens. With ace teachers and performers guiding students through the basics of acting and theatre, this is definitely one that will keep the kids interested. Besides, it’s a great place for them to meet like-minded peers, spend a few hours practicing, rehearsing, and developing an interesting new hobby. DUCTAC has a wide variety of classes outside of drama and acting, too. Take a look at their website: http://www.ductac.org/courses.php


These STEM Summer Camps are definitely worth checking out. Children aged between 5 and 11 will have the opportunity to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects in some action-packed sessions. The camps will take place at a few different venues across Dubai. Please leave us a comment with similar camps across the UAE, too!

On the technology note, don’t miss out on the short-but-sweet Apple Summer Camps! They’re only three-days long, but we had to give these unique camps a mention. Kids aged 8 to 12 choose one amongst three tracks and are immersed completely in a three-day hands-on digital learning and tech experience with Apple experts. The camps take place at Apple Stores across the UAE, but sign-up to get notified on the details for 2018.


For the Summer-Campers

We can’t deny the charm of classic summer camps. Tons to do, new friends to make, and for the parents, four to five worry-free hours knowing the kids are well-taken care of and keeping busy. Here’s a mention of rather unique summer camps and the tried-and-tested ones around town:

  • The Ninja Summer Camp at Gravity Calisthenics Gym, Dubai. This has got to be the coolest summer camp so it deserved top-of-the-list status. Calisthenics at Gravity DXB is a fun way of keeping fit and spending the summer mornings indoors. The downside is that there are only two camps that last a week each. If your children love it, though, the instructors are more than happy to take a new student under their wing and make a calisthenics star out of them! Here are the details on the Ninja Summer Camp. They’ve also run Kids Parkour courses and other interesting stuff in the past, so be sure to ask when you call!
  • Dubai Holiday Camps are the go-to for parents with kids that are spending the summer in the UAE. For years now, Dubai Holiday Camps have been providing multi-activity camps at a few different locations across the city. The locations are divided by age group, which makes it perfect for the kids to participate, learn, grow and make friends over the summer. Take a look at what their camp activities and schedules look like.

Now we understand that summer camps might not be the ideal solution for everyone. Often, a focused interest in learning something new is a summer much better spent. Have you considered piano lessons? Swimming classes? Language courses? If you’re looking for expert teachers and private lessons in these or other activities, then the taddrees® app is a great place to find the perfect tutors in each of these areas.

Download the app and go through our extensive tutor database. The app is programmed to find private tutors located near you, too, making it that much easier to get the kids (or yourself?) to their favorite summer classes.

While we were putting this list together, we discovered that there are lots of camps and fun activities around town, and who better to tell us than you parent folks that are always on the lookout?

Please leave us (and fellow UAE parents) a comment below with a mention of your favorite summer camps and activities for students to put their summers to the best possible use. Let’s make a list to remember!

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