Private Tutor Guide: How to Manage a Busy Tutoring Schedule Even with a Full-time Teaching Job

Teaching is probably one of the most emotionally rewarding professions. It’s a wonderful feeling when your students learn, achieve and succeed.

But not many people realize how tedious teaching can be. The hours of work it has taken you to correct test papers, review essays, make lesson plans, and all the other work that makes you good at your job, all goes unnoticed. Add private tutoring to the mix, and suddenly, your day starts to feel impossible!

At taddrees®, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give every lesson your best shot. As the UAE’s top tutor matching service, we take pride in facilitating a high standard of private tutoring – quality hours that really help students to learn and grow. Join the movement!

We have put together this guide to help you with a few ideas on how to optimise your time, and realistically manage a busy private tutoring schedule, even if you work as a full-time school teacher.


1. Clearly define the hours that you can dedicate to private tutoring


For success as a part-time private tutor, it is important that you figure out exactly how much time you can dedicate to private tutoring after school hours. This is not just lesson time, but also time spent preparing for a lesson, follow-ups, homework and test-checking, and also, commute time to and from your tutoring locations.

Realistically decide on the hours that you can set aside daily, weekly and monthly. In order to grow your private tutoring business, remember to factor in some time for marketing your business as well. In our blog from last week, we shared some marketing tips to help you successfully grow your private tutoring business.



2. Create a feasible daily schedule and follow it


Factor in everything that you need to fit into your day, and create an hour-for-hour plan of what your day will look like. Use the taddrees® app’s lesson scheduling feature to stay on top of your private lesson schedules, and complement it with a calendar application like iCal or Google Calendar to schedule in all the other work that goes into your private tutoring lessons. If you’re not already on taddrees®, here’s how you can get listed as a certified tutor.

Schedule in time for research and lesson-planning, checking homework, reviewing tests and other materials. Be sure to add in a few time slots that allow you to interact with students and parents outside of tutoring hours, too. This is a healthy practice to help you develop and maintain good relations with your private tutoring clientele, and it directly impacts referrals, too! Also, in your schedule, remember to account for commute time before and after home tutoring sessions. That brings us to –


3. Commute smarter (and lesser)


As far as possible, try and plan your private tutoring lessons so that you aren’t driving back and forth between your students’ homes for hours. This might not always be possible, but try to create schedules with your students depending on their location. Two students that live in the same block? Try and schedule them back-to-back so you save some commute time there.

Taddrees® can help here, too. Parents use the app to find tutors located around them or in particular areas. Be sure to list your location on your profile, and your availability (or lack of) to commute. In our previous blog, we talked about marketing your tutoring services in your neighbourhood, and that’s a great way to ensure your clientele is concentrated in the area around you.


4. Go digital!


You will be surprised by how much time you can free up simply by automating, and by relying on apps and software to do some of your work for you. Use Google Docs to save, access and edit your notes in real-time – you can even share these notes directly with students and parents, saving you the time and hassle of printing copies for everyone.

If you look around online (or wait for some of our super helpful upcoming blogs) you’ll find some great resources for lesson planning templates, digital whiteboards that you can share in real-time if you need to provide remote support, online quizzes and practice tests and much more.


You can also really enhance your students’ learning, and save yourself some time, by finding and sharing YouTube videos, courses from online learning platforms like Khan Academy and other support materials. This not only empowers students to take on greater initiative to learn independently, but also saves you some time going over basic concepts repeatedly, and sometimes outside of tutoring hours, even.

Remember, you can also automate your accounting and administrative jobs with tools like Quickbooks. On the taddrees® app, payments are made extremely easy with the in-app secure payment gateway so you automatically get paid into your tutor account.

As you get busier, you will feel the need to discover more ways to optimise your time, and feel in-control of your schedule. Planning, and coming to terms with the time and energy that you have available to you to private tutor, will take you a long way in managing a busy private tutoring schedule, even with a full-time teaching job.


What are some tools and techniques that you use to manage your busy tutoring schedule? Leave us a comment below. Help a fellow teacher out!

Please note: In order to offer private tutoring lessons part-time, we recommend you obtain a part-time work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Contact the taddrees® team for more information.

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