5 Tips to Help You Successfully Grow Your Private Tutoring Business

If you are a private tutor in the UAE, then you’re in luck. In the past few years, private tutoring has seen a steep rise. More and more parents are finding the need for academic and extra-curricular support in order for their children to excel at school.

Schools are paving direct pathways for bright, all-round achievers to enter world-class universities. There is pressure on every student to excel academically, in sports, music, art – you name it. Inevitably, for a student, it gets quite overwhelming.

In comes the private tutor. You play a significant role in helping students achieve success, be it through day-to-day academic support through private tutoring, sharpening their art skills for a well-rounded college application, or helping them get through challenging exams.

Your private tutoring business, then, should be booming! But if, for whatever reason, you’re not looking at a packed lesson schedule, and are struggling to reach out to potential students, then you might be in need of a few marketing tips and tricks.

Here’s our top 5 tips to help you successfully grow your private tutoring business:


1. Build yourself an online presence


A web presence can take you a long way. It makes it easier for people to learn more about your experience and qualifications, and what they can expect from tutoring with you.

Building a website is cheaper and easier than ever before now with tools like Wix, WordPress and more. The good news is you can look through free templates, and have a website up in as little as an hour!

Using social media can also be extremely helpful to support and grow your tutoring business. Build a Facebook page for your services, where you can share parent and student testimonials, updates on special packages and discounts, post solutions and suggestions for common problem areas in your subject, and more.

For your existing student clientele, you could even build a Facebook support group for group discussions, homework support, sharing useful links and other student engagement.

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be helpful too, if you want to get creative.

Stay tuned to the taddrees® blog for a post on some great ideas on how you can use social media to grow your private tutoring business.


2. Free or low-cost advertising in your neighborhood


Our studies show that private tutors that focus on building a student clientele right around their homes or tutoring centers have significantly higher student acquisition and retention rates.

To a parent, nothing beats the convenience of a great tutor just down the road! And for you, advertising in your neighborhood is likely to get you students that are a few minutes of a drive away, cutting down on commute time and helping you manage your schedule more efficiently.

Put up flyers on local notice boards, in common community areas, building lobbies or other places that you are permitted to. You could also create an ad-listing online on classifieds like Dubizzle that feature search options by area.


3. List yourself on taddrees® !


Being the first local tutoring marketplace based in the UAE, for the UAE, you’ll find yourself at a massive advantage by getting yourself listed as a certified trainer on the taddrees®  app.

Taddrees® is a mobile app that enables you to publish your profile on a local digital “job board”, specifically targeted at students looking for private lessons. You can reach thousands of students in your area, while efficiently managing your tutoring schedule with the in-app schedule manager.

To make things a little easier, you can also manage your payments through the in-app secure payment gateway; you automatically get paid into your tutor account, leaving you to focus on delivering great lessons and even greater results!  

In order to get accepted onto taddrees®, and get listed as a ‘certified and verified teacher’, you need to be based in the UAE, have teaching experience, as well as tutoring experience. You also need to be persuasive in our one-to-one phone interview.

It will take a few steps to get on there, but taddrees® prides itself for being the only tutoring marketplace with such a high standard of requirements. Ultimately, this works well for you, as a quality tutor, and for the students that we connect you to. Here’s how you can get yourself listed on taddrees®.  


4. Network within the school and schoolteachers circuit


Schoolteachers interact with parents on a child’s progress as often as once a week even, and many times, help them identify subjects or skills where children need some extra help, or show great promise for.

Teachers and school staff can help create positive, targeted word-of-mouth advertising for you, when they know that you offer private tutoring services, and do a great job helping other students within their school.


5. Create a referral program


Remember, if you already have a student base, however small, these students and their parents are the biggest and most direct advocates of your teaching style and success.

Help them to help you by creating a referral program that gives the students a discount, or a free class or two, in return for referring a fellow student to you. This way, you’re also building a close network of students and parents that help you to spread the word about your private tutoring services.

These are just a few essential ways to help you grow your student base as a tutor. As a private tutor, your marketing strategy is extremely important. It not only helps with student acquisition but also helps you build a reputation for yourself – a key to your success in a competitive tutor marketplace where trust and track records go a long, long way.

Good luck, tutors! Keep teaching, and as with every great teacher, keep learning.


To learn more about taddrees and how we’re revolutionizing private tutoring in the UAE, visit www.taddrees.ae. Get yourself verified and listed as a private tutor on the taddrees mobile app right away! Here’s how.

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