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taddrees, where you find the right private tutor for your child at home

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The taddrees app connects you to certified and verified teachers for private tutoring lessons for your child. Tutors visit you at your own home and deliver the lesson privately.
Our tutors are expert teachers of school subjects, sports activities, arts, music, coding, and more.
You can search, book, schedule, and pay for a lesson with the ideal private tutor for your child, at home, at a click of a button!

  • What is taddrees?
    A mobile app that connects K-12 students and their parents to school teachers for private tutoring purposes

  • Who are our tutors?
    Certified and verified school teachers with substantial school teaching and home private tutoring experience

  • Why taddrees?
    We believe every student should have the opportunity to shine. And every child can shine with the right support

What we live for
Helping parents to find the right private tutor for their child.

The taddrees app allows you to connect with certified and verified tutors, right in your neighborhood. Subsequently, engaging lessons take place in the comfort of your own home for subject-specific support in academics, test preparation, or extra-curricular activities like music, arts, or sports.

Our tutors are certified and accomplished school teachers as we verify and interview every applicant before listing them on the app. Furthermore, our carefully vetted database of qualified, certified, and verified tutor base is international and diverse, catering to the multicultural pool of K-12 students throughout all emirates of the UAE.

Simple, modern, and created with passion

  1. Connect
    Search and find tutors with diverse backgrounds
  2. Choose a location
    Connect with tutors in your neighborhood
  3. Chat and bookChat, then book tutors in a click of a button
  4. Pay securely
    Safely pay online with our secure and advanced systems
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